Capture global business opportunities


AWT has a mission to pave the way for businesses to access global markets and seize opportunities.


Whilst the world is brimming with opportunities, the path to business can often be both complex and difficult. Over the years, we have been able to create avenues for businesses to diversify and enter new global markets. AWT has sourced and connected numerous partner companies that have gone on to form long-lasting and fruitful relationships.


With offices and representatives across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, North America, and South-East Asia, AWT has developed an extensive range of contacts in both public and private sectors, along with nuanced knowledge of local customs, business practices, and regulatory environments. We will leverage this knowledge which can only be gained through years of experience, to help you avoid the unknown risks and overcome cultural barriers that come with entering a new market.

Our expert advisors span various geographies, fields of practice, and sectors, providing you with targeted yet adaptable services to suit your business needs. AWT can assist you through any stage of your project or venture to secure funding or strategic partnerships - whether it be the development of a funding strategy, getting your project investment-ready, or deals structuring.


“We help international entrepreneurs and businesses harness the true value of greenfield opportunities”

Our approach

Establishing funding strategies

Developing a funding strategy to maximize your project value

Preparing investment readiness

Ensure you put your best foor forward

Company introduction & Partner searches

Direct access to the right business channel to activate your project

Deals structuring

Optimizing collective success

After care

Ongoing support for any deal executed with AWT

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