Company Introductions & Partner Searches

AWT provides key introductions to drive investment and partnership opportunities across the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, North America, and South-East Asia. AWT possesses an extensive list of key contacts throughout public and private sectors along with insights into region-specific investment demands. We can help companies overcome the complexities of doing business and cultural barriers by providing strategic advice to open business channels that align with your project needs. AWT will pave the way for strategic partnerships that create synergies and maximise mutual benefits. Our introductions and guidance can significantly reduce the cost of your business expansion whilst expediting the process of establishing your business in a new region.

Preparing Investment-Readiness

Through years of experience, we have developed a unique understanding of how to approach large-scale and cross-border investment projects. AWT will help you present a compelling and coherent opportunity to appeal to global investors. We will first analyse all of your existing project information and identify gaps and shortcomings that will limit you to the perspective of potential strategic investors. To bridge these gaps, we bring over 25 years of industry knowledge and familiarity with investors to provide a whole new perspective to your project. Our expert advisors will then work collaboratively with your project leads and heads of department to develop the required documentation underpinning your investment case, including investment proposals, business cases, and financial projections.

Funding Strategy

An abundance of funding liquidity in global markets but fast-changing economic and regulatory landscapes means there is a small window of opportunity to secure the right investment. Our expert financial advisors will work with you to develop and execute a strategic funding roadmap for your business with extensive knowledge and expertise of target regions.

Developing the roadmap will require a holistic understanding of business needs, level of projected growth, and capacity to service obligations. Identifying suitable target investors along with the optimal funding or financing option for your business will then require a carefully crafted approach to investor. AWT will help you define and articulate your value proposition and frame the opportunity in strategic alignment with investor needs. This process is an essential aspect of planning and preparation as a means of catalysing business expansion.

Deals Structuring

Structuring your contracts to offer your business, partners, and stakeholders fair and equitable protection is paramount when entering a transaction. By front-ending your legal strategy at the beginning of your project, we can help you shape the deal to protect your business interest and satisfy your stakeholders' needs. We have a global team of professionals dedicated to legal and financial matters, allowing us to cover every angle of a deal, to optimise collective success once the project crystalises.


AWT will provide a full suite of aftercare services for any executed deal. Aftercare includes maintaining new business channels through our business contacts and advisor networks. We will strengthen your foothold in the new market by helping you navigate through disruptive trends, unanticipated regulatory requirements, and business challenges. We will give you access to our services for the lifetime of deals we structure for your business, reaffirming your position, and unlocking long-term value into the future.

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